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Ahány család, annyiféle: van, ahol két apa vagy két anya van, máshol transznemű a gyerek. Akárhogy is, mindenhol a szeretet a fő összetartó erő.

1. Queer Kid Stuff (@queerkidstuff)

2. Damian Alexander (@damianimated)

3. AC Dumlao (they) (@menswearselfcare)

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I Grew Up Like This 😎// #TBT #menswearselfcare

AC Dumlao | Call Me They (@menswearselfcare) által megosztott bejegyzés,

4. Brad (@apinchofpride)

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Perfectly Imperfect Avocado Toast 🥑 • Food Lesson: Stop Being so damn critical. • So here’s the the thing... I was standing over the sink peeling these eggs and became increasingly frustrated. You can probably notice that the eggs didn’t peel cleanly and all I could think was how this is going to ruin my photograph. A perfect image in my head was increasingly becoming imperfect. Then I mentally snapped at myself and said, “Who the fu%k cares?” It’s real life. It’s still going to taste good and I’m still going to enjoy the experience of putting together a cool dish to share. (Deep breath.) It was a gentle reminder that I need to stop always caring what people think. Stop focusing on the imperfections (not only talking about the toast now) and just be confident in how things are. Your imperfections are what make you perfect. After all, it’s just toast... 😘 . . . . . #avocadotoast #avocado #toast #toastsforall #glutenfree #glutenfreetoast #softboiledegg #franzbakery #imperfectlyperfect #imperfection #beyou #beproud #pride #foodporn #f52grams #brunchboys #gayfood #gayfoodie #breakfastideas #foodphotography #portland #foodgasm #foodjourney

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5. Sam & Sadé (@awayinlove)

6. Jamie Bruesehoff (@hippypastorwife)

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Churches, pastors, and people of Christian faith who go to Pride as allies... we need to talk. ⁣ ⁣ I love that you go to Pride. I love to see your tables and your rainbows. I love to see you offering water, snacks and shade to Pride-goers. I love to see your signs and stickers sharing that God loves LGBTQ+ people, that God is non-binary, and that your faith community affirms that. I love seeing folks wearing affirming messages of God's love for all people.⁣ ⁣ But there are parts of your presence that I do not love. I don't love being shouted out to "Remember, Jesus loves you!" I don't love seeing you pull a rainbow-clad young person into your tent area telling them you have something to tell them - which would be alarming just about anywhere but especially at Pride. I do not love your pushy-ness and desperation in telling Pride-goers that the Church is for them! ⁣ ⁣ Your presence has the potential to be healing and hope-filled for queer people who have never seen or heard that the Church can be a place filled with love and celebration for LGBTQ+ folks. Your presence also has the potential to be deeply triggering and painful for folks who have experienced and continue to experience deep harm in the name of Christianity. And never did shouting at someone that Jesus loves them make them feel safe and affirmed. It was jarring and unsettling even to me, an active member of the Christian faith. ⁣ ⁣ You are guests in Pride spaces. Remember that. Respect that. Listen to the community. Learn from them. Be visible signs of God's love for all people, but do not push your "not all Christians" or "everyone just needs Jesus" on Pride-goers who are enjoying one of the few times a year where they can exhale, let their guard down a bit, and celebrate their identities instead of fighting for them. ⁣ ⁣ #faithfullyLGBT #affirmingfaith #pridemonth #pride2019 #queer #transkids #transisbeautiful

Jamie Bruesehoff (@hippypastorwife) által megosztott bejegyzés,

7. Queer Book Life (queerbooklife)

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