A 7 legtutibb feng shui-val fogalkozó oldal, amit kár volna kihagyni

A térrendezés spirituális hatására építő feng shui elválaszthatatlan a kristályoktól és más alternatív technikáktól. Az alábbi oldalak arról is szólnak.

1. @thetaoofdana

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The Full Moon 🌕 in Aquarius Feng Shui elevates life with the highest 🌈 beaming creating energy! . . More creativity makes the seemingly impossible very possible, like suspending a 340 ton boulder sculpture that’s behind me on two thin concrete walls where it floats like magic!✨ . . A Full Moon 🌕 illuminates what we have, what we want and what’s possibly been standing in the way. It’s a great time to quit a habit or change a routine that’s been making things much harder than they need to be! . . It’s also a great time to put your crystals 💎 outside for a Moon Bath overnight on Thursday / Friday! . . Make some Moon Water 🌕💦 (see my last IGTV video for details, so easy!) . . And decide to open up to more possibility and creativity that rings true to you...! This is where we become unstoppable and can move mountains (or boulders!) with ease! . . 📸: @ographr 🖼: Levitated Mass by Michael Heizer @lacma . . #moonmagic #aquarius #fengshui #moonrituals #creativemagic #artsy #flashesofdelight #fengshuitips #vibratehigher #infinitepossibilities #manifesting #magic #highvibesonly #art #lovethis #aquariusmoon #fullmoon #fengshuilifestyle #leoseason

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2. @anjiecho

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Coming soon to @rama.tv Thanks @sevajagat 🪐✨

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3. @lohanpatricia

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Feng Shui Tip: Earth colors are especially good in the bathroom—they soak up excess water. 🌎 What earth colors do you have in your bathroom? 🥰 Share in the comment 😉

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4. @homeheartfengshui

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I’ve been super busy this past year (hence lack of blog posts) building our new modern, Hamptons-inspired house and now I finally get to furnish and feng shui it! Here’s a shot of my fave sitting area 💙 As you can see couch and chairs have been arranged so that they all face towards the centre coffee table as this encourages pleasant communication between people. Positioning seats directly opposite each other represents opposition and confrontation - not the style of communication I want in my house! Still need to add some soft curtains to the windows, probably a floor lamp to the left side of the couch and a nicely decorated side table to the right 😊 . . . . . . #hamptonsstyle #homedecor #homedesign #homestyling #homestaging #interior #livingroomdesign #homeaccessories #interior125 #interior_and_living #interiorstyling #fengshui #staging #realestateaustralia #modernliving #designporn #coastalhamptonstyle #interioraddict #lblogger #brisbaneblogger #realestate #metaphysical #positiveenergy #interiorandhome #homeinterior #homeinspo #interiorinspo #propertystyling #homestyle #livingroomdecor

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5. @simplify.with.saramaria

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Like most people heavy in the element of air, I'm a dreamer. Inspiration is my fuel and if I'm not careful, I might float off like a hot air balloon. . Where my Aquarius, Gemini & Libras at??? . To achieve balance in all aspects of my life, I have to make sure to anchor myself in reality every so often. I "ground" myself by reconnecting with our Earth. Connecting with nature on the daily helps to keep my spirit in check . You can achieve this by bringing the outdoors in. I love to decorate my home with the treasures from Mother Earth. Walking outside barefoot, gardening, cooking a meal for yourself and others or simply becoming aware in the moment are some other great techniques to anchor your soul. . . . #energyhealing #energyclearing #spaceclearing #chakras #chakrahealing #spiritualpractice #spiritualhealing #fengshui #fengshuitips #sacredspace #rituals #newmoonritual #harthcraft #magick #myeverydaymagic #liveyourmagic #greenwitch #plantsmakepeoplehappy #crystalmagic #plantmedicine #connectingwithnature #witchwithme #iny101320l

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6. @amandagibbypeters

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your space – wherever you are – is always influencing you. it is literally the backdrop of your life. and it plays the role you choose for it. you live, breathe, create, and become in your surroundings. which means you have to choose to make your space MATCH the energy you seek. no idea where to even start? here are 3 excellent options: clear your clutter. it is stagnation. it is indecision. it is exhaust fumes. and it is holding you to your past (decisions, choices, doubts, regrets…) – the opposite of accommodation and ease. elevate your prosperity consciousness. it’s this simple: do the little things that feel really good. they add up. and one really good day can feel like a million bucks, right? so, make that possibility normal and inevitable. buy ridiculously good coffee and honor a ritual in the morning to celebrate this abundance. open the drapes / blinds and let the sunlight flood your space – feeling the appreciation for so much light. light a fancy candle at your desk. buy yourself a bouquet of fresh flowers JUST BECAUSE. splurge on some new sheets. the little things – happiness studies agree – are where BIG mindset shifts happen. make a BOLD statement in your home. COVID has really turned the tide on curating Insta-worthy homes – we're after comfort now more than ever. so, ride the wave and do something creative, original, and stylistically YOU in your house. no permission needed! not only will people witness the real you – hello, courage! it also makes you more comfortable with her. and because you’re not chasing anyone else’s dreams, this allows you to both assert and dwell in your incantation. someone say POWERHOUSE? choose NOW to make choices that feel like flow and ease in your house, and within 6 months, your life will feel / look / be different. and if you want to dedicate a little more effort, let’s talk! a few months with me right now will pay itself forward for years to come! #linkinbio xo

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7. @priyasher

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