Imádod a szobanövényeket? Ezek az oldalak inspirálni fognak

Amikor a természet téli álomra készül és a virágok lassanként visszahúzódnak, érdemes egy pillantást vetni a különféle szobanövény-opciókra.

Az alábbi oldalak sok ötletet adnak szobanövény témában, profi és kezdő "szobakertészeknek" egyaránt: őket érdemes követni, ha otthoni minidzsungelre vágyunk ősszel és télen is.

1. @arianatanabe:

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Back to regularly scheduled programming

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2. @sarahkbenning:

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How are you taking care of yourself today? The past week has been exceptionally difficult. I’m speaking for myself, but I know I’m not alone. I read awhile ago (or was it recently...I have no sense of time anymore), “if you don’t pick a day to relax, your body will choose one for you.” posted by @mahdiwoodard and the statement (that truth) has been echoing in my head ever since. Today, my body has chosen for me and I am spent. So today I will be doing what I need to do to take care of myself. For me, that looks like tending to my plants, cooking food for the week, making time to read, making time to exercise, and the hardest one for myself: making time to truly r e l a x. Tomorrow, hopefully, I’ll feel a little more grounded and rested and ready to get back into the things I need to do to support and serve and care for others. I hope you are able to make some time and take some space for yourself today. Whatever that looks like for you.

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3. @houseplantclub:

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Stay inside doesn’t sound so bad, does it? 📷: @thekwendyhome thanks for sharing with the #houseplantclub 🍃

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4. @thesill:

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Plants and sunflowers are our favorite fall combination 🌻 Photo by @pandora.maxton

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5. @houseplantjournal:

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I don't get hung up on drainage holes: 2️⃣ this Rabbit's Foot Fern (Davallia fejeensis) spent the last 2 years winning despite being in this completely enclosed ceramic pot planted with only sphagnum moss. Why? Light. - If I told you all the ways I cared for this plant, but said nothing about light, I've told you nothing. And if I didn't give sufficient detail, you might not realize its importance. So here goes: - The plant lives right on a window sill but because there's a building nearby, the direct morning sun never really comes into the line of sight with the plant. So the duration of direct sun: 0 hours. - The intensity of indirect light most of the morning is 200 foot-candles. In the afternoon, when the sun reflects off of the nearby building, I've measured up to 600 foot-candles. These measurements for indirect light vary though the day and last as long as the day length. - Care: watered whenever the moss was mostly dry. This fern is particularly drought tolerant so it's less demanding than other ferns. I poured enough water to thoroughly moisten all parts of moss - which is roughly a third of the total moss volume (link-in-profile - video explaining saturation volume ratio). I'm using 3-1-2 fertilizer whenever I observe new fronds growing. Leaf turnover: it sheds about 2-3 fronds per month but has definitely had net positive frond growth. Does fine with humidity as low as 25%. I have never misted, used a tray of pebbles, or a humidifier - and I'm happy with the plant's progress. ~ ~ #houseplantjournal #houseplants #plants #urbanjunglebloggers #houseplantclub #plantdad #plantobsession #plantparenthood #greenthumb #plantcare #foliagefriday #fernlove #fern #fernfriday #davalliafejeensis #rabbitsfootfern

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6. @thepottedjungle:

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Happy Monday! May your coffee be strong, your kitties be cute and your monstera leaves grow to be giants 🌿 📷: @bamaluzhome

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7. @succulentcity:

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These succulent planters are so cute and expressive! Which one best represents your mood today? ⁠ ⁠ @aloe_frost

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